About Us

Lad and Brenda Hastings are 3rd/4th generation dairy producers who started Hastings Dairy in 2004. The farm consists of 600 Holstein cows (milking and dry) plus young stock and crops.

In 2011, we added dairy tours to our operation and in 2015, we opened Rowdy Cow Creamery which is a farmstead creamery where fresh milk is bottled for sale on-farm and at local retail stores.

A Farming Family

Lad and Brenda both grew up on dairy farms and from an early age learned commitment necessary to be part of a dairy family.

Lad grew up in Northeast Ohio where his parents, Duane & Pat Hastings, ran their family dairy farm. Lad's grandparents, Harold & Gladys Hastings, were dairy farmers too! They purchased their farm and 6 cows in West Salem, OH all the way back in 1945.

On the other side of the family, Brenda grew up on a dairy farm in Central California. Her parents, Tony & Carolyn Souza, were partners in a dairy farm in California until a few years ago when they moved to Ohio.

Tony’s parents, Tony Sr. & Erma Souza ran a dairy farm and so did his grandfather, John Souza! Carolyn’s parents, Curby & Lillian Goldsmith, purchased their dairy farm in Galt, CA in 1946. I guess you can say we are a dairy based family!

The Hastings

Lad is an Ohio native and Brenda is from Central California. Brenda holds a degree in Agriculture Business from California State University, Fresno and a master's in Agriculture from Cal Poly State University.

Lad graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Animal Science and has an MBA. Both Lad and Brenda love sharing their knowledge, skill, and love for their cows with their customers through exciting and hands on dairy tours and, of course, farm fresh milk!

See you on the farm!

The Hastings