Our Family Dairy
at Hastings Dairy Farm
in Burton, Ohio

Our Family Farm

This farm is a family farm. Did you know 98% of U.S. dairy farms are owned and operated by families? We like being part of a business that cares for animals and produces quality milk. The farm is home to 650 milk/dry cows plus young stock. A dedicated staff help care for the animals.

Cows need a Healthy Diet
It's important for dairy cattle to eat a balanced diet. That's why we work with a nutritionist to make sure our animals get all the nutrients they need depending on their stage in life. Some feed is purchased and some is grow at the farm. Currently, the cows diet consist of corn silage, hay, brewer's grain, soybean meal, ground corn and a vitamin & mineral mix. In addition to a healthy diet, our cows drink filtered water. We have a filtration system at our farm to ensure our cows receive fresh, clean water. Quality water is vital to a cow’s health.

They enjoy Relaxing in their House
Our cows spend their days in comfortable freestall barns with individual beds, fans to keep them cool, fresh water to drink and nutritious food to eat. They can move about to eat, drink, rest and socialize whenever they like. They are healthy, comfortable and content in this environment which was created especially to meet their needs.

Daily trips to the Milking Parlor
The cow's are milked three times/day in a double-12 herringbone milking parlor. There are cows being milked on the farm around the clock with down time about every 7 hours to clean the barn and equipment.

We're interested in sharing the story of our family farm and answering your questions.

Our Milk

We bottle milk on-farm at Rowdy Cow Creamery. This milk is sold at the farm daily during daylight hours. It's also available in local retail stores. Our product line includes white and flavored milk in half gallons and pints and buttermilk in pints.

We also ship milk to Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers which is located just 6 miles from our farm. Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers was founded by the Rothenbuhler family in 1956. Today, this company, known for it's award winning Swiss cheese, has grown to one of the largest Swiss cheese makers in the U.S.

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