Farm Fresh Milk & Dairy Tours
at Hastings Dairy Farm
in Burton, Ohio

Deliciously Fresh Milk
Bottled at our Farmstead Creamery

Rowdy Cow Creamery is a small farmstead creamery where delicious whole milk is bottled steps away from where the cows are milked. That's fresh! The special attributes of this milk include:

  • Fresh – Locally produced on our family farm in Burton, Ohio.
  • Naturally Pure & Delicious – Non-homogenized (cream on the top) milk is low temperature vat pasteurized in small batches to maintain its natural nutrients and great flavor. Remember to shake it before you drink it!
  • Single Source - The milk is only from the cows at Hastings Dairy. The cows on our farm drink fresh filtered water, eat a balanced diet of nutritious ingredients and live a healthy, comfortable lifestyle.
  • Transparency – Hastings Dairy is open to visitors seasonally to provide an opportunity to see how the cows are cared for, learn what they eat, watch them milking and ask questions.
  • Variety of Flavors – Milk is available in white and chocolate daily. One additional flavor is featured weekly. Cultured Buttermilk is also available seasonally.
  • Size - Available in half gallon and pint plastic containers.

On our farm, enhanced milk quality, cow comfort and nutrition of modern dairy farming meets old fashion, small-scale milk processing methods. This allows us to bring you a premium product. That's good for our cows and customers!

Interested in selling or serving Rowdy Cow milk in your store, restaurant, or school? Contact Brenda Hastings at for wholesale information.

If you would like to special order a larger quantity of bottled milk for an event or as an ingredient for cheese making, contact Brenda Hastings one week before you’ll need the product.

Rowdy Cow Milk Flavor Schedule

White and chocolate milk are available daily. In addition, we offer a special flavor that changes weekly.

Our fresh milk is available in half gallons and pints at our farm and local shops. White and chocolate milk is also available in quarts.

February & March Milk Flavor Schedule:

In February, we'll be bottling only white and chocolate milk. A special batch of Strawberry milk will be available February 8th in celebration of Valentine's Day.

  • March 2nd: Cookies & Cream
  • March 9th: Mocha
  • March 16th: Strawberry
  • March 23rd: Maple
  • March 30th: Peanut Butter Cup

Why drink whole milk?

  • Nutrient Dense  - milk naturally contains essential nutrients including calcium, potassium, protein, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B12, riboflavin and niacin.
  • The Original Protein Drink  - a pint serving (16 oz) of whole milk contains 16 grams of high quality protein.
  • Builds Strong Bones  - the natural protein in milk helps build strong bones and muscles to support an active lifestyle.
  • Gluten Free  - milk is naturally gluten free (white and all the flavors we offer).
  • Sports Recovery Drink  - studies show chocolate milk is a good recovery drink helping your body refuel and build muscles after physical exercise.
  • Great Snack  - single-serve whole milk is a convenient and satisfying snack that fills you up.

Rowdy Cow Creamery Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rowdy Cow milk pasteurized?
Yes. Pasteurization is a process of heating milk to kill harmful organisms. We use the low-temperature vat pasteurization process of heating milk to the minimum temperature required by law. This method preserves good bacteria and natural enzymes which aid in digestion. We are one of only a few dairies in Ohio who pasteurize milk this way. It takes longer, but makes a better product. 

Rowdy Cow milk is non-homogenized, what does that mean?
Our milk has a cream layer on top. It isn’t homogenized, which is a process that breaks fat molecules into particles that dissolve into the milk. Instead, milk is left in its natural state creating a cream layer on the top. Non-homogenized milk is not altered which makes is easier to digest. Simply shake it before drinking.

Why does Rowdy Cow milk taste so fresh? 
This is a farmstead operation which means the finished product is made on the farm where the milk is produced. The cows on our farm produce high quality milk which is bottled in the same building where the cows are milked. Being a farmstead milk bottling operation allows us to have control over our product during every step of the process from animal care to milk production to packaging the final product.   

Does Rowdy Cow milk contain antibiotics?
No milk in the U.S., including the milk produced on our farm, contains antibiotics. All milk is tested for antibiotics and disposed of if it tests positive.  

Does Rowdy Cow milk contain hormones?
Hormones are naturally present in many foods of plant and animal origin, including milk. That’s ok and not a cause for health concerns (for the animals or the humans consuming products from those animals). The bovine hormone is species specific, it’s recognized by the human body as a protein. When you drink milk, hormones are broken down by digestion like any other protein. 

Is Hastings Dairy and Rowdy Cow milk organic?
We’re a traditional dairy farm. Cows are fed a nutritious, plant-based diet including grains and grasses and they drink filtered water. This diet, along with a comfortable environment, enables our cows to produce the highest quality milk. Cow care and comfort are the #1 priority at our farm.

What rules must be followed to ensure the production of safe and quality milk?  
From farm to table, dairy products are among the most tested and regulated foods in the U.S. An inspector from the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture (ODA) regularly visit our dairy farm, unannounced, to examine the facility for cleanliness, equipment operation, and milk temperature, to name a few. All guidelines must be met to maintain a Grade A milk producer’s license. A different ODA inspector visits the creamery to ensure all records, equipment and facility cleanliness are up to the quality standards necessary to produce food.

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